How To Find Customers And Digital Experience Solutions

Digital Experience Solutions

How To Find Customers And Digital Experience Solutions? Before going to the digital experience solution we have to understand the term “Digital Experience”. A typical business man wants to raise his profitability by applying different means and strategies to his business. The strategies may include power saving, labor saving, fuel saving, introducing new technologies and above all the advertisement of product properly. If you want to sell your product you need to understand that the product reaches at the consumer’s end properly. If I do not see an advertisement of a very special deal offered by KFC on an advertisement board, I will not even think of going there. The advertisement will make me think to at least try it. But this trend is now being decisive.

As technology is emerging day by day swiftly, everyone has now at least a mobile phone in his pocket, due to which business man are moving towards the digital advertisement of their products. The organizations who want to increase the revenue growth, provide the best services to their customers and have an efficient business, need to acquire digital business. Enterprises of today need to join “experiences” to results, encircling the entire life of customers who are engaged with the organization. The IT leaders and the sensible business man agreed to work together and decided: to generate revenue, get and maintain customers, and increase customer satisfaction and doing this all by reducing the implementation cost and the risks. It has now been understood by the businessmen all around the world that the digital experience is now the foundation for all the brands. It’s very critical that organizations having this good enough since the risk of being it wrong can lead to serious consequences.

The most of the consumers want to decrease the human labor and for this purpose the mobile are being used to connect with their chosen brands. Digital ecosystem of today’s life not only impacts on the shopping but also on the power by controlling customers. Brand managers decide where, how and when to engage the customers with their brands—whether it is over phone, in the stores, recommended by a friend or on the web. And when people interact with the brand they expect to be known themselves and the choices they want.

Now the digital experience is not as easy as it seems. Customers do face a lot of problems. According to a survey some of very common problems are: some websites are not user friendly, hard to navigate or not intuitive which are almost 34%. Websites which are complicated, incorrect, misleading, out of date, have lack of information or hard to find info customer need are about 17%. Some other website and apps keep crashing, jam up, having maintenance undone, have viruses are about 15%.

Websites which are very heavy and take too much time to load are about 14%. Apps and websites with poor graphics, visually boring, old fashioned or badly designed are almost 7%. Other websites have too many pop-ups and too clattered are almost 6%. Some apps and websites are not able to get back at you, lack of customer service or lack of support are about 5%. There are also websites which are not compatible with the platforms user are using i.e., the tablets and phones, these are about 4%. And in the last there are websites which are too expensive to use i.e., they demand money for giving information, they are about 2%.

These all do not only depend on the host, but also customers play a vital role in this digital experience. The physical environment of customer has very great impacts i.e., the mood of customer, the un wanted sounds the lightning and above all the patience of the customer. Online customers are usually very less patient.

Digital experience with these much problems needs suitable solutions and proper web development. Moreover, we are using online applications to save our time and solve our problems unless the digital itself is not a problem. With increase in the technology and development in apps the problems are also getting bigger.

A company should see the digital experience with two perspectives, first of all get the response of its customers and get to know that which problems are faced by its customers. Secondly, how to solve the problems as soon as possible. First of all, the apps and the websites made by the company should be user friendly i.e., a common person should easily operate the app and can access to the all desired things. The app or website should not contain the irrelevant material. If the website is supposed to have all the information about the BMW cars models than it should not have other brands in it. Bugs should be eliminated properly from the apps and websites, which can be done only by proper maintenance of the app or website. It should be as free as possible for the users and it must not be heavy because the online users are found to be less patient than those who travel and cross the blocks to get the products. Remember that if you are selling on line you should sell it like you mean it. Website and apps should be attractive with good graphics and colors. Additionally, company should integrate the disjoint technologies, create a complete view of their customer’s experience, unify the organizational approach, address the entire company’s life cycle and transit from the legacy system.

These solutions have a lot of advantages some of which are discussed here.

These solutions provide immediate needs of the customers. Once the company know about their customers need it try to fulfill it rather than avowing it and filling it with irrelevant data. By applying these solutions on organization’s app or website the customers will be more satisfied. Contrary to this if the customer is provided with the irrelevant data, he/she will ignore the app or website next time. This gives priority to the customer needs.

Secondly, it improves the accuracy of customer engagement with the company and accurate the marketing of the company. The solutions provide a way to improve the customers experience by tracking the customer’s needs and they tend to improve it even before asking by the customers themselves. Digital experience solutions place the data of customers in each place from where they can read about the habits, likes and dislikes of the customers and can easily alter the response of the company according to their requirements.

Thirdly, it drastically increases the efficiency and the speed of work by eliminating the bugs and all the unwanted materials.

When these solutions are providing the business of an organization with these much comforts and benefits, there are also some issues with these solutions. As new technologies are becoming more and more complex, their solutions take more time to execute. This time taking processes can affect the customers very badly.

Digital experience solutions are making the information flow very fast. People are depending on the online systems very much for the past decade. The digital divide I becoming deeper but narrower. It does have a lot of effect on language. Digital experience is not foolproof i.e., organization in competition provides a lot of information without confirming it just to increase the ratings. This can mislead a lot of people and can cause a lot of misunderstandings.

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