Why should we study early political theorists?

Why should we study early political theorists?

Why should we study early political theorists? According to the information provided in PPT the early political theorist were amazing people. Today’s happiness of a person really is a result of thoughts, methods and rules applied by early political theorists. Studying the early political theorists helps us to understand the political philosophy and political ideology. It gives answer to the different queries come into our mind when we take a look at the modern structure of politics. Early political theorists thought about the purpose of life, seek different ways to get happiness, learnt which qualities should a political leader possess, studied what is important to be ethical and developed the ideal form of government. Socrates, his student Plato and Plato’s student Aristotle worked a lot to find the meaning of “What is Good Life”?  Theorists like Augustin tells that what will happen if people live life according to God’s will and contrary to this what will happen if people live according to their will? In the end, it is very important to study the early political theorists because they tell us about the basics of politics and how the modern politics can be altered for the happiness of human, which was the main purpose of politics.

Theorist who made the greatest contribution to our conceptions of modern politics?

I think Thomas Hobbes did a great job to our conceptions of modern politics. He faced a lot of disturbance in his life, he lived through the English Civil War and the instability followed by it. His main work was to find the answer of the question, “How can one obtain peace and maintain civilization in troubled times”? Civilization and peace are the two main components of a happy and plush life. According to him human beings are selfish, self-seeking and materialistic animals who can do anything for their pleasure if not governed under certain laws. Hobbes offered that people should be led by a good sovereign power. These powers should be chosen wisely because they will lead their people to the right in trouble times and comfort of the people will be their first preference no matter what happens.

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