The Tallest Tower In The World CN Tower Canada

CN Tower Canada

The CN tower situated in downtown Canada is an iconic symbol of it. It was the tallest tower in the world until the inauguration of Burj Khalifia in 2010. It was basically built to be an observation and communication tower for the area. Here do not mix the term “tower” with “building”. Because the CN is considered as tower and it also disqualified the contest of largest building on Earth in 2004 as it was not meant to be a building. The word record was than pronounced to the “Taipel 101” despite being 44m smaller than the CN tower. Hence, it remains only tallest tower in western hemisphere.

The idea was originally represented by the Canadian National Railway, also known as acronym CN, who wanted to build a large and strong communication platform for Toronto, which was often interrupted by the tall buildings of the Toronto. With the height of 553.33m CN tower had abolished almost all communication barriers in Toronto. (

The main purpose of the CN tower was only to overcome the communication barrier but during construction the Engineers and investors thought of building restaurants in it. Now CN tower has a 360 restaurant which completes its one rotation in 72 minutes. Which means that if you dine in for 72 minutes by the window you can see all the Toronto. (   After taking 40 months for its construction the tower was officially inaugurated on June 26, 1976. 1537 workers took part in its construction who worked 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Due to its incredible height the tower can be seen from Oshawa which is 37 miles away from it. Its construction took almost 40 months to complete and it costed 300 million Canadian Dollars. CN tower is one of the great masterpieces of Civil Engineering. In 1965, the American Society for Civil Engineers declared the CN tower was ranked as the one of the seven wonders of the Modern World. As it was the tallest free standing structure i.e., without any support, at that time.

The tower was erected at the rate of 18 ft. per day which was pretty amazing. Concrete went through the bottom of the tower as it ascended. Due to its very strong base the tower can withstand 260 mph strokes of air. (  The foundation of the tower was almost 7.6 meters thick having a 7000 meters cubic poured concrete, steel wire 36 and 46 tons of rebar.  Construction began on the main floor in August, 1974. Several hydraulic jacks, giant steel cables and various wooden supports were used. A 10-ton Sikrosky helicopter called “Olga” was used to put the antenna on the top of the tower. It took almost four weeks to put the last part of antenna in its place. FM radio signals are transmitted from the bottom of the tower while the Television signals are broadcasted from the top of the tower. Currently more than 16 media signals are broadcasted from the tower. (

Hexagonal is the main structures of CN tower. It is made up of concrete and steel and contains all the escalators, elevators, power distribution and connections. Hexagonal shape of the tower can be seen from the two areas of visitors. But mainly the three support legs of the tower give it a tripod look. Below the public are is a large donet shaped ring which is supported by the durable foam and it also have a radar service.

CN tower is the one of the most popular tourists spot in Canada. Almost 1.5 billion people visit it per year. Which automatically made the economics of the country better. Plus, every year the CN tower conduct two fund raising stair climbs, one is for the WWF-Canada supporting the fight against climate change held in spring and other is for the United Way of Great Toronto to support its many communities based agencies, held in spring. CN tower has also raised a lot of funds on local as well as regional level. (

Over the years CN tower has also been investing a lot of money in its renovation and expansion to continue providing the visitors a world class experience.

CN tower organizers should meet the demands of increasing number of visitors of the tower. Remodeling and renovation of 360-Restaurant should be done with time to time. Its security should be well maintained with time as it is now.

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