Transmission Of Culture | Culture Diversity

Culture Diversity.

Transmission Of Culture | Culture Diversity . Before considering the cultural diversity, we must have known the clear meaning of the diversity. Diversity simply can be explained as the anything which is different from the majority in a specific area of study or a very broad term that people usually use to refer all kinds of differences. Now coming towards the culture, culture is basically a set of standards, beliefs, way of thinking and style of communication of a society. And each society has its own basic standards for culture which it maintains and passes it to the next generation to ensure its survival. For example, people in America when meet socially they stand almost eighteen inches far from each other, they tend to have a direct eye contact and they like to demonstrate their message by using their body language. While in other countries people may like to stand much farther or closer while doing a conversation and may be making a direct eye-contact is considered rude or they may use more or less body language while conveying their message to the others.Transmission Of Culture | Culture Diversity (

We human beings are very good at exchanging cultural information, this is done sometimes by frank teaching and also through the continuous social interaction of people from different cultures. This social interaction through which people are connected is not only the person to person interaction but also involves the mass media from which the knowledge and information originates. So, the basics of culture diversity is the exchange of information between different cultures. And this specific information is mainly exchanged through the very complex network of mass media in this modern era. This complex network has made its impacts on almost every sphere of life. Moreover, this structure has now been supported by the latest technologies. These technologies made the information exchange and the communication of the information mote sophisticated and quicker.

Culture diversity is basically the by-product of transmission of culture. This is the result caused when a large proportion of information is shared by the members or units of same culture and sub-culture. When people share the information they happen to know each other. And if this whole process does not happen, human societies could not be operated as they are being handled now. Very common example of shared information is language. There are many elements which give rise to cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is best when it is observed on a whole level of population. A single individual cannot elaborate the cultural diversity; he is prisoned to the culture and made decisions on the basis of information he inherits. More or less, he changes the decision according to his will or by inspiring from the other cultures and it results in the cultural diversity. When the information from a limited group of people, under time constraint, is collected, it is noted that some culturally beliefs, characteristics and values become more common in that group of people which was under study. It is noted that the new cultural characteristics were aroused in the people and some of the old are sustained and some faded away. It is concluded that the cultural diversity is a result of decisions made on individual and social level. Transmission Of Culture | Culture Diversity(

Many people think that the cultural diversity is not a good thing i.e., people from other cultures bringing their habits and beliefs to their culture. But cultural diversity does have much more benefits than a common man thinks. A place with more cultural diversity is much more liked by the people. It seems very interesting and people from all over the world gets attracted to it. Just imagine that how unrelieved the food will be without Mexican, Italian, French or Chinese food. Cultural diversity also plays an important role in making the economy of a country better i.e., people from diverse cultures bring language skills, negotiating skills, people start to find better solutions of problems with sharp and intellectual minds placed in a single place. In the result, they find new ways of thinking. (

Culture diversity makes a place much more interesting to live in. If people live in a place with same minds, same concepts and same beliefs they would have never known the other perspectives of life and life would be so boring to live. Thanks God for diversity!

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