Using Clonidine for Opiate Withdrawal

Using Clonidine for Opiate Withdrawal.

Many studies in the past had proved that the usage of clonidine in the withdrawal of the opiate is quite effective. A study of 30 patients were made in 1980 which was titled, “Efficacy of Clonidine in Opiate Withdrawal”. The study quoted that:

In an open trial of clonidine in opiate withdrawal, clonidine was found to suppress opiate withdrawal signs and symptoms, allowing all of the patients to detoxify successfully from chronic opiate addiction.”

            The above quote shows that how the clonidine was effective in the withdrawal of the opiate in late 20th century. Till now, countless opiate abusers have been cured with this drug. According to the users it is a wonderful meditation. It was also once used for the withdrawal of heroin. People who used this claimed that it really helped them in reducing anxiety, racing heartbeats, insomnia and chills.

            Clonidine is basically a meditation for the blood pressure. Central Alpha Agonists is a class of drugs from which the clonidine belongs. These are the drugs basically which reduces heart beat and blood pressure. The help the blood vessels to narrow down and stop the brain to send messages to the central nervous system to increase the heart beat and ultimately when the heart does not beat fast the blood pressure remains controlled in the vessels. It is also placed in the class of the sympatholytic drug. The drugs in this class are used as antihypertensive and also for the disorders i.e., panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD etc.

            Clonidine, for opiate withdrawal, is mostly prescribed. But it does not eliminate it completely. If the clonidine is used in proper amount it can withdraw following opiate symptoms:

  • Helps to stay asleep.
  • Slows heartbeat, which help to remain calm.
  • Stops Restless Leg Syndrome (RSL)
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Eliminate goose-bumps.
  • Reduce chills.

It should be keep in mind that using clonidine in excess or without prescription can lead to many side effects. It can cause low blood pressure. If it is used in access it will stop a lot of messages going from brain to the central nervous system. Hence, making the heart to beat at a very low rate which will ultimately cause low blood pressure in vessels. It can make the mouth dry so better keep a sugarless chewing gum in pocket of keep drinking water. It can also cause some other rare side effects including coldness of hands, dizziness, lightheadedness, constipation, depression and allergic to clonidine. But these vary from person to person. Some very sensitive people may face these side effects.

If clonidine is used for the withdrawal of the opiate, it will help in eliminating the most of the very severe symptoms but it will not eliminate it completely, if used alone. It has not ability to bring back the brain’s balance after opiate withdrawal. It can be very useful and effective when used with some other advised drugs. Also, if the natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are used with clonidine it can be very useful and help to reverse anxiety, sooth aching muscles and limbs, reverse depression and ease restless syndrome.

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