Volkswagen Emission Cheating Scandal.

Volkswagen Emission Cheating Scandal.

Lately Volkswagen, a leading car making company, accepted that their almost 11 million vehicles were equipped with a software that was being used to gull the emission test on lab scale. A number of people were involved in this scandal, not only from Volkswagen but also from the other spare-parts and electronic companies who provided Volkswagen with these equipment and software. They all were keen to make a lot of money by putting thousands of lives on stake. The software being used turns on the equipment which reduced dangerous emissions, especially nitrogen oxides, on lab scale. But it turned off the equipment which reduced emissions when the vehicle was on the road. This was done in order to increase car’s acceleration and decrease consumption of fuel.

This all started when a German company Bosch introduced common rail, an innovative system for fuel injection. Meanwhile, Volkswagen was looking for increasing its fuel efficiency.

Bosch is company which started it career as an electrical workshop in 1888, in Stuttgart. It supplied many electrical components around the globe. Bosch became partner with a leading car making company, Volkswagen, after World War 2. It also contributed in making war goods for Nazis during World War 2. The German car industry would have not been on such a success without Bosch. This company has made parts like “anti-lock brakes” for BMW. It is really hard to find a car around the globe without Bosch parts. In short, Bosch is one of the largest private company which made a sale of72 billion euros last year. In the beginning of 1980’s Bosch started to work on refining diesel technologies and played a major role in this field. They provided a very sophisticated computer and injection systems for the passenger cars. The technology introduced by the Bosch helped the carmakers to check the burning of fuel inside the engine more accurately and hence increasing the fuel efficiency.

In 2006, Bosch advertised about this new technology which could make a key involvement in reading future emissions. On the other hand, engineers of Volkswagen discovered that their emission control equipment are not reliable if they are used continuously. They will wear down quickly. (

In November 2006, Volkswagen managers and Engineers developed a plan in a meeting. They decided to use the software when the car is going to be checked by the labs according to the law suits and American authorities. They decided to but the software from Bosch because at that time they had no one to do such changes in the software. In this process the pollution control equipment was meant to be work properly when the lab test is going on while the equipment should be turned off when vehicle is on the road. And this will lead the cars to emit more toxic gases than a heavy duty diesel truck.

After deciding this the engineers of Volkswagen wrote a letter to the Bosch with the above written explanations. In reply to this the Bosch wrote back to the Volkswagen that if they were discovered by doing such act, Volkswagen will take the full responsibility. Volkswagen refused this offer. Later on Bosch claimed that the letter for taking guarantee was misunderstood and yet it introduces the gasoline engines instead of diesel engines.

Later Bosch aided to hide the software from authorities and altered it according to the Volkswagen engineers. Bosch did this because they did not want to lose the one of their finest client. Furthermore, Volkswagen and Bosch continued this agreement for next few years. According to one of the lawsuits this was a very complicated process. It involved a lot of work hours to install the software in cars because they had to alters the specifications of the software according to the cars and the package that customer wanted. And now there are 11 million false engines from not only Volkswagen but also Audi, Porshe, Seat and Skoda models which are available around the globe.

There were two more companies named Continental and Delphi Automotive who supplied computers and engines to Volkswagen. In their statement the Continental said that they were not aware of that their computers are being used for illegal purpose while on the other hand the Delphi Automotive declared that the software in the computer engine was supposed to be supplied by the customer.

The credit goes to the researchers of West Virginia University who discovered these emissions in May 2014, led by California Air Resource Board. The two vehicles from Volkswagen they tested had two liter turbocharges and four-liter diesel engine. The researchers discovered that some of the cars were emitting more than the 40 percent of the forbidden amount of toxic emissions.

Bosch settled to pay $327.5 million as a fine for its participation in the software scandal. Volkswagen with other vehicles including Audi and Porsche have to pay more than $20 billion in fines and settlements. In US, Volkswagen agreed to buy back or repair all the affected vehicles. In June, they said that they would buy back models with 2-liter engine of Audi and Volkswagen of $10 billion worth. Volkswagen also agreed to buy back 80,000 vehicle of 3-liter engine.

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