Why Trump Banned Most Of Muslim Majority Countries?

Trump Banned Muslim Majority Countries.

Before considering the current situation in the world and especially in United States of America, let us understand the ideology of the politics. How politics came evolved and what were the basics of the politics? Basically the political ideology are those beliefs or ideals that guide the political actors or politicians in a given community and the justification of those guiding beliefs. Political philosophy seeks to explain and understand the quest for the good life.

This gives birth to a question, “What constitutes the Good Life?” Finding the answer of this question leads to very critical standards and also this question is the heart of politics.

All the Western thoughts comes from the theoretical foundations laid by the Socrates. Socrates along with early Greek thinkers and observers give rise to some questions i.e., What is the purpose of life? How a man can be happy? What qualities should a political leader have? What is the ideal form of government? and Why is it important to be ethical?

Socrates (470BCE-370BCE) was the founder of Greek political philosophy. He did not have his much work in writing but he used to ask a lot of questions to the people around him. He wanted to know that what makes people happy and what assumptions people made about the true, the good and the beautiful. He with his one of the most brilliant student, Plato, examined the character of moral life and this was the heart of both human and communal life. One of the Socrates contribution to the Western Civilization was the inductive method of teaching also known as the Socratic method. This method employed the normative theory i.e., examining what is instead to what ought to be. He was interested in the purpose of existence of human. He wanted to know that how a good life can be attained by interacting of humans in a just and ethical manner. He concluded that the happiness means to pursue a good life. And a good life can be pursued when humans conduct their lives in accordance to some ethical principles. According to Socrates it is the responsibility of each of us to examine our life by pursuing knowledge and truth, particularly on the issues which involve individual ethics. Happiness occurs in humans when we provide justice on all levels. It is noted that the behavior must be guided by the reasoned ethical standards even if that behavior violates the state’s law. Consequences of violating the state’s law should also be considered.

Now coming towards the modern politics and current situation created by Donald Trump in the United States of America. Last month, Donald Trump banned the refuges and visitors of seven Muslim countries to come in the United States of America. These countries were Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Not only the Muslim majority countries but also the citizenship holders of USA show anger to this decision. Many protests have been made in recent past on airports where passengers from these countries has been detained. Even the prime minister of UK Theresa May did not agree with this decision made by Trump.

This decision from Trump made a lot of chaos in US. Passengers coming from the restricted countries were held at the airports while others were pulled of planes overseas or barred from boarding flights. According to two Democratic members of Congress, Jerry Nadler and Nydia Velazquez, who were protesting at the airport, there were 11 people in detention at New York City’s Jhon F Kennedy airport after only one day of Trump’s signature. These people were from Iraq and other banned countries. While other were being held in Houston, Atlanta and Detroit. Pre-approved refugees, workers, student holding visa and residency green card holders from the banned countries were barred from the flights towards US according to the reporters from the Cairo, Frankfurt, other cities from the Europe, Africa and middle East. In New York and other places hundreds of protesters gathered in airports. The protest and anger of people on airports, in universities and in business got increased when a spokesman from homeland security declared that the people with green card, which make them the citizen of US are also included in the ban. Shockingly, two Iraqi refugees were detained at JFK airport, New York. One of these two refugees was Hameed Khalid Darwesh who had worked for US government in Iraq for 10 years. While, the other was Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi who had worked for the US government as a contractor and he was coming to US to join his wife. Congressman Nadler asked the detained people that they should not sign anything when is custody but they should ask for their lawyer instead. Furthermore, he said, “Donald Trump should revoke his executive orders. It’s unconstitutional on the grounds of religious discrimination.” Darwesh was allowed to enter the US from the JFK airport when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other groups of the same kind filled the law suit. This law suit was challenging the detention of those two Iraqi men. When Darwesh came out of the terminal 4 of JFK airport he shouted among the protestors, “No hate, no war, refugees are welcome here.” Darwesh further told that he has no issue with the airport authorities, they are just doing their duties.

Governor of New York also made his comments. He ordered the state attorneys and state transit officials to find all legal options through which the detained people can be assisted and to make sure that their rights are protected. He further added to the statement that, “I did not think that I would see a day when refuges, who had fled war-torn countries in search of better and happy life, would be turned away at our door step, we are the nation of bridges, not walls, and the great many of us still believe in the words ‘give me your tired, your poor, and huddled masses.”

According to Trump this ban will stay away the terrorist from the USA. While the people of United states understand that hate cannot be decreased by spreading more hate to the innocents. There are thousands of the well settled Muslims from the countries which Trump has banned. Plus, according to the Syrian refuge program thousands of Syrian were getting their lives settled in the US. By doing this Trump is not only getting hate from his own people but also from the countries he has been banning the people from. There has been a lot of chaos in the streets of US and of course on the airports of the US from where the refuges and the visitors from these Islamic countries are being detained. Clearly trump is not following the political structure developed by Socrates. He does not know the happiness lies in combining people and providing the needy ones their needs, not in building walls.

The countries which Trump has announced to be banned did not give any official statement but they are indeed very angry. Their anger can be sniffed by the statements they made. The response from Iran has been very sharp and swift. The foreign minister Javed Zafri condemned this ban on twitter. He wrote that this ban is a great gift to the extremists and the collective discrimination aids terrorist aids by deepening faultiness exploited by extremist’s demagogues to swell their ranks. And then an official statement from the government and added that these restrictions are the insult to the Muslim countries. The government of Iran made a warning that they will also took special measures for the US passport holders staying in their country and it almost meant that they will also apply restrictions to the US passport holders living in the Iran. The Iranian government declared these restrictions to their people illegal. The US and Iran had very good relation for many years. These relations were terminated by the President Jimmy Carter when he cut ties with the Iran in 1980 during the Iran hostage crisis.

The east African country, Sudan, declared the Trump’s decision is very Unfortunate. This is because in recent past Sudan has committed some very good terms and conditions with the former president of US, Barack Obama. According to these terms and conditions Sudan will cooperate with the US for the termination of the terrorists and their activities. Sudan made a statement.” It is particularly unfortunate that this decision of Trump coincides with the two countries’ historic move, made under the administration of Obama, to lift economic and trade sanctions … and just as economic and financial institutions as well as businessmen in the country were set to continue developing their investment projects. Sudan is considered as the host and backer of terrorist groups. One of the very dangerous and popular group, al-Qaida of Osama Bin Laden, was from Sudan. These terrorist activities were holding Sudan from trade for the last 20 years. After such a long time this step was taken by Obama to bring Sudan forward by increasing its economy through trade which would unfreeze the assets of Sudan and remove financial sanctions from Sudan. And in the return Sudan will help US in eliminating the terrorist groups like ISIS. But the recent steps taken by Trump has delayed these procedures for next 180 days and also made a negative impact on people and government of Sudan.

The Iraqi government declared that they understand the security measures taken by the president of US by banning the citizens of seven predominant countries of Muslim world. But Iraq also underlined that president Trump should also take country’s special relationships under consideration. Spokesman of Iraqi government, Saad al-Hadith, said that the Iraqis were hoping the new orders from US that the security measure will be taken but not by affecting the efforts made to strengthen and to develop the bilateral relationships between Iraq and United States. Two members from the Iraqi parliament said that the United States desired to plan lobby against the restrictions by declaring that the counties like Iraq needed to establish their alliance against ISIS. The parliament’s foreign committee declared a statement after a meeting in Baghdad that, “Iraq is in the frontline of the war on terrorism … and it is unfair that Iraqis are treated in this way. We ask the Iraqi government to reciprocate the decision taken by US administration.”

A statement in very hard words also come from the spokesman for Popular Mobilisation. Popular Mobilization is an Iraqi coalition of paramilitary groups fighting against Isis. The said to the Iraqi government that they should also ban the US national from entering into their country and expel those who are currently on the Iraqi soil as thousands of US troops remain in Iraq under the invasion of 2003. Iraqi refugees who has been accepted by the government of US during last ten years faced a lot of difficulties. They passed through critical examinations involving background checks and critical interviews. Most of the refuges worked for the US government or military.

Syria is currently facing the human welfare crisis and these crises are continued to the critical levels. Due to such conditions in Syria it is unsurprising that the president of Syria Bashar Al-Assad has not made any statement against the restrictions applied by the US government to the citizens of Syria. After the civil war begun, nearly five million people have been displaced from Syria. Out of that five million people 12,587 people were in US as refugees in 2016. The restriction applied by Trump has ended up the American Syrian refugee resettlement program for the while, until the restrictions are sustained. American Syrian refuge settlement program has been called the one of the most important programs by International Organization of Migration and United Nations Refugee Agency. The United Nations Refugee Agency and International Organization of Migration urged Trump to re-consider his 120 days’ restriction applied to the people of from seven states in the country. Initially it was expected that the Trump’s order would include the providing of safe zones in Syria, especially to those who are exposed to attacks in the country, but this story did not happen.

The Yemeni government has not released any statement yet. However, from the Yemen embassy in Washington a post has been posted to the citizens with respect to the travel restrictions. The embassy advised the citizens not to travel to or from America. Yemen is currently facing a civil war in which US has a hand in. they have launched many drone strikes on al-Qaida targets in the Yemen which resulted in assassination of both civils and US citizens. A US soldier died an assault on al-Qaida in Yemen, which was ultimately the result of Trump’s decisions.

So far Libya and Somalia has not responded to these restrictions as Libya is being destroyed by civil war and has no acting government currently.

Everyone in the US and on international level made their statements against this terrific ban. This decision made no one happy not even the citizens and politicians of United States of America. Executive director of International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), Becca Heller, stated that the US have a very critical confusion between local authorities, Federal agencies, attorneys and The White House. Mark doss, who is an attorney at IRAP, in an interview to the New York Times said that a border agent with his complaint directed him to The White House. He complained,” Mr. President, call Mr. Trump.”

A spokesman for New York for the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), Thanu Yakupitiyage, asked the guardian that,” This act is completely dehumanizing and I have suffered with the outcomes of situation like this. We are sending someone to the JFK airport to speak to border control and custom about this, people are in the state of shock.” Melaine Nezer who is the vise-president of HIAS, an organization based in US which helps the refugees to settle in the US after passing very tough processes, declared that they had 2000 refugees scheduled to come to the US right after the week of the ban announced which is not possible now. An immigration lawyer in US, Mana Yegani, said that she knew several Iranian people who are leaving the Amsterdam and Frankfurt and others are also being removed by security personals. Yegani also stated the story of the Sudanese woman who is a PhD student at Stanford University and also holds a green card. She fled to the New York on a Friday night at 11pm and she was detained and was released after the interrogation for the next six hours. They checked her social accounts on internet, went through her mobile phone and asked her about the politics. Yegani said, “It was indeed very humiliating and this really undermines core American values and the US constitution. I would not be surprised if the legal challenges to this end up at the supreme court.”

It has also been noted that Trump has left some critical countries Muslim countries un-touched. Trump left these wealthier countries because of the business interests of the Trump organization in these countries. These countries involve Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Mr. Trump and Saudis has been in business from the past. Protests has been made against the Trump and Saudi Kings also. Trump declared that he handed over the management of his vast empire of real state to his adult sons to avoid the conflicts which are being raised. But it is clear that Trump has handed over his business to his sons but he is controlling all the things at the back end. Trump’s banned countries did not include the Turkey despite of the fact that several terrorist activities has been occurred in recent past in Turkey. Plus, the state department of Turkey put a warning out for the US citizens which stated that, “an increase in Anti-American rhetoric has the potential to inspire independent actors to carry out act of violence against US citizens.” Turkey was not included in the banned countries this is just because Trump has several interests for doing business in the country. Trump has a line of Trump-branded furnishings for home and two luxury towers. Trump declared in a financial disclosure, he made during a presidential campaign, that he earns up to six million pounds from these assets yearly. Before he won the Republican nomination for president in December 2015, trump admitted to the Bredbart News: “I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul.” But he failed to honor his own words most recently by saying that laws generating arguments of interest illegal are not for the President.

There is another Muslim country which remained un touched by the Trump because of the same reason i.e., his business interest in the state. Trump has golf course, spa facilities and luxury home development projects in the United Arab Emirates. Same is the condition with Indonesia. Indonesia is a Muslim majority country in which there are two resorts of Trump are under construction. According to Trump the ban is for the safety of Americans and prevent the terrorist from entering in the United States of America but surprisingly not a single terrorist is entered into the US from the soil of banned countries for the past four decades. None of the 9/11 attackers was from the banned countries while the 15 out of the 19 hijackers were from the Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE and Egypt. People are also sharing some statistics about the death of the Americans. According to a survey 11,373 American were shot dead by other Americans per year during the last ten years till 2014 while shockingly 10 Americans were killed by Jihadist and terrorists group per year.

This decision of Trump definitely made an environment of chaos not only in the banned countries but also in the people of America. People want to live in a stable and peaceful environment to get happiness. America was the place for the refugees of the countries facing civil wars. This decision of Trump totally negated the philosophy of Socrates. Socrates spend his life in seeking the happiness of the people and finding the ways to live a better and happy life while Trump demolished the established structure of happiness by banning not only the innocent refugees from the war-zoned countries but also by banning the people from the banned countries who spend their lives working for the United States of America.

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